[Mono-list] Mono Project: Next Steps

Dale E. Moore daleemoore at gmail.com
Mon Jul 11 00:12:58 EDT 2011

Thanks Ian for your prompt reply! I'm glad you've "been able to build easily
on Ubuntu." Which version of monodevelop did you end up with on Ubuntu? My
2.6 Beta 3 (2.5.92) isn't working with MVC; do you have something newer?
me the closest with Beta 3 on one PC and Beta 2 on another; but, neither is
working with MVC.

On Sun, Jul 10, 2011 at 12:36 PM, Ian Norton <inb at ncipher.com> wrote:

> Ive been able to build easily on ubuntu and debian from source, its the
> package area that is a little behind, that said, the experimentan debian
> mono 2.10 packages are pretty good
> --
> This may have been written using dictation software, please excuse any
> jibberish.
> "Dale E. Moore" <daleemoore at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Miguel de Icaza <miguel <at> xamarin.com> writes:
>>  > ... we’ve hired Alex Corrado, a very talented developer who’s created
>> a new
>> > build system for Mono.  The good news is that we are making progress and
>> we
>> > are now able to build Linux and MacOS packages.
>>  This is lovely. I do so hope that your new build system will make it
>> easy for
>> those in the Debian line to get recent packages. I'm still waiting on
>> stuff
>> that's been done a long time ago like xsp4/monodevelop/ASP.NET/MVC to run
>> on
>> my Ubuntu machines.
>>  Patrick McEvoy did a nice job on
>> https://github.com/firegrass/mono-installer-
>> script (though there are problems;) perhaps Alex will benefit from
>> Patrick's
>> hard work.
>>  Good luck in the adventures with your new venture!
>> Dale E. Moore
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