[Mono-list] mono process keeps using CPU even when the browser is closed

Robert Jordan robertj at gmx.net
Thu Jan 13 05:01:25 EST 2011

On 13.01.2011 10:03, vanessa wrote:
> Hi, I'm using mono 2.4.3 version, with httpd and xsp2.
> When I  launch the server, the mono process uses 0%, then  I open the
> browser and executes several calls to some of my controllers ( c#) so at
> that moment the CPU usage increases.
> The problem is that when I close the browser, so my application ends, no
> more calls to mono server. The mono process keeps using CPU (5 -9%). I think
> the CPU usage should be 0% when my application ends.
> Any idea? background threads maybe? The application_end is never called but
> I've read that this is normal. it should not be a problem

The CPU load could be caused by file system watchers that try to
detect whether the application needs to be recompiled/reloaded.

You're using a quite old Mono version on an unknown operating
system, so it's hard to tell if this is a bug or just by design.

Set the env var MONO_MANAGED_WATCHER=disabled and check
whether the load is still present.


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