[Mono-list] Heap-Shot with no GUI.

Esben Laursen el at rantek.dk
Fri Nov 5 09:21:54 EDT 2010

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> Hi Guys,
> I have a small program that I expect has a memory leak, however it only
> shows in production and after a looong time.
> I wanted to use Heap-Shot to figure out where it might be in the code.
> My problem is that when I try and compile the Heap-shot source it wants
> the "gtk-sharp-2.0" lib, but I do not have GUI on my unit and want to
> keep it as light-weight as possible.
> Is there a way to install Heap-Shot and not install the GUI?

I did a install of the complete Heap-Shot and libs. I can start the profiling okay and I can do a "kill -PROF <pid>" and get the output file, however my program stalls before it comes to the part where I suspect a leak (also happens if I do not do a kill -PROF). It uses quite a lot of processes and time to load all the different settings which is normal, but I can see once I start my analyzer threads it stops and nothing happens. If I run with no --profile option it works as it should..

Any ideas? Anyone?

> If there are other ways to debug this problem please let me know.

Can it be that Heap-Shot is the _only_ memory profiling tool out there for mono? It does not seem that stable (had a shit load of issues getting the GUI stuff to work)

Hope that someone can help :-)



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