[Mono-list] Heap-Shot with no GUI.

Esben Laursen el at rantek.dk
Wed Nov 3 04:52:34 EDT 2010

Hi Guys,

I have a small program that I expect has a memory leak, however it only shows in production and after a looong time.

I wanted to use Heap-Shot to figure out where it might be in the code. My problem is that when I try and compile the Heap-shot source it wants the "gtk-sharp-2.0" lib, but I do not have GUI on my unit and want to keep it as light-weight as possible.

Is there a way to install Heap-Shot and not install the GUI?

As I understand it, one can make dumps and analyze it on another pc where I can install the GUI.

If there are other ways to debug this problem please let me know.



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