[Mono-list] GSoC 2010 - GTK# application

Michael Hutchinson m.j.hutchinson at gmail.com
Sat Mar 27 01:55:57 EDT 2010


On Sun, Mar 21, 2010 at 1:51 PM, Nerlemoar <berettakk at o2.pl> wrote:
> I'm a 4th year student in IT. I would like to talk about one of GSoC 2010
> proposed projects - Gtk# application. I am thinking about an application to
> make anaglyphs. It would:
> * be written with GTK#
> * use many algorithms (color, half-color, grey, optimised, etc.)
> * algorithms will work asynchronously to UI to avoid blocking it
> * it will support many input and output filetypes (eg. jpg, bmp, png, tiff,
> etc.)
> * it will have a kind of step-by-step creator for begginers (maybe only this
> way - to click it out in a few steps, without huge screen with parameters?)
> * will have in-code documentation
> * will have user guide in html
> What do you think about it? Anaglyphs can be interesting for users and it
> can be an attractive demo of graphics processing in Mono/GTK#. I haven't
> seen many applications of that kind both for linux and windows, especially
> free and good-looking (and none with GTK#).

It sounds interesting and novel, though it's not clear to me how the
user would create the anaglyphs. Would they require stereoscopically
separated photographs as an input source?

> I would like to ask how many projects can be made as GTK# applications in
> GSoC. Is there only one 'slot' for that subject, or any interesting
> application can be made at GSoC?

We will likely pick very few completely stand-alone projects - we
prefer contributions to existing projects as they're much more likely
to be maintained. Perhaps it might work better as an addin for Pinta.
You may also like to submit your proposal to GNOME. Note that you can
also make multiple proposals to Mono, so you can also apply for other
ideas that interest you.

Michael Hutchinson

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