[Mono-list] Considering to move to Mono

Miguel de Icaza miguel at novell.com
Mon Mar 22 16:05:06 EDT 2010


    Most things that you listed work, some you will need to test

> - RESTful webservice, and would be nice to have the new UriTemplates of .NET
> 3.5 SP1.

This one;   Not clear what this even is.

> - The service should work as : ConcurrencyMode=ConcurrencyMode.Multiple,
> InstanceContextMode=InstanceContextMode.Single.

And this one too.

> About hosting... do we need a special hosting? or we could install Mono in
> any linux hosting on the internet?

Any Linux hosting that gives you root access and a recent Linux kernel
will do;   You need to be able to install an Apache module (this is what
you need root for) and the kernel needs to be relatively new (no more
than 5 years old).

> Thanks in advance and kind regards.

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