[Mono-list] Considering to move to Mono

vtortola vtortola at gmail.com
Mon Mar 22 13:52:19 EDT 2010

Hi ,

My company develops a software done in .NET 3.5, descentralized and Winforms
based. Now, we're gonna start with the new version based in RESTful WCF and
Silverlight 4.0

We need S4 because some of the new features, like the commanding interface
for MVVM pattern, are pretty useful for us so there is no point of moving to
Moonlight for the time being, but we are considering Mono for the server
implementation, because we don't want to be constrained to Windows servers
(specially when we are gonna use MySQL the most) I've seen that Mono WCF is
on the move and have lots of features already implemented. I've also seen
that there is Mono Tools for work from Visual Studio, which is welcomed :D,
so I'd like to ask some questions about Mono and WCF Mono to ensure that it
has what we need.

Actually, we are not going to use any complicated WCF feature, we just need
to create a RESTful web service that serves data to the silverlight clients,
so the features we need are more or less:

- RESTful webservice, and would be nice to have the new UriTemplates of .NET
3.5 SP1.
- The service should work as : ConcurrencyMode=ConcurrencyMode.Multiple,
- SSL, although maybe this feature could be directly given by Apache, am I
right? Anyway, the Silverlight clients should be able to connect using SSL
to the server.
- Reflection, we use it a lot, we need to be able to create types
dynamically, query types, use TypeDescriptor class for create dynamic type
converters and so on.
- Database connectors, like MySQL, Sql Server and Oracle, without tricks
like ODBC.
- Serve the siverlight .xap application package, I think it's no problem for
apache once you register the mime types.
- Multithreading, so we use the lock synchronization clause (silly question,
but is better to ask though :D).
- C# 3.0 and LINQ to Objects and to XML. We don't use any other LINQ
- Abstract data provider factory, the System.Data.Common namespace.

We can aford not use the DataContract model, and create our own
serialization-deserialization mechanism, but would be nice to have it :P

About hosting... do we need a special hosting? or we could install Mono in
any linux hosting on the internet?

Thanks in advance and kind regards.
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