[Mono-list] How to fix StrLike bug in 2.4

Jonathan Pobst monkey at jpobst.com
Mon Mar 22 15:53:40 EDT 2010

On 3/22/2010 2:27 PM, Andrus wrote:
> Code below produes invalid result (False) in 2.4 and 2.6
> How to fix it so it runs properly in 2.4.2 ?

If looks like our implementation converts it into a regular expression 
and then runs that.  However, it does not escape regex special 
characters like (, {, ), or }.


There are three options:

- Escape them yourself:
@"SELECT*FROM \(\{0\}\) *";

- Fix the vbruntime to escape them properly.

- Use regular expressions instead of using the StrLike function.


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