[Mono-list] How to fix StrLike bug in 2.4

Andrus kobruleht2 at hot.ee
Mon Mar 22 15:27:25 EDT 2010

Code below produes invalid result (False) in 2.4 and 2.6
How to fix it so it runs properly in 2.4.2 ?


using System;
using System.IO;

class Program

    static void Main()
        string source = @"SELECT COALESCE(kartotee.Aj,0) AS Aj,
kartotee.Doktyyp AS Doktyyp, COALESCE(kartotee.Dokumnr,0) AS Dokumnr,
COALESCE(kartotee.Hind,0) AS Hind, COALESCE(rid.Inpdoktyyp,'') AS
COALESCE(rid.Inpdokumnr,0) AS Inpdokumnr, COALESCE(kartotee.Kogpak,0) AS
Kogpak, COALESCE(kartotee.Kogus,0) AS Kogus, kartotee.Kuupaev AS Kuupaev,
COALESCE(kartotee.Partii,'') AS Partii, COALESCE(kartotee.Skaubasumm,0) AS
Skaubasumm, COALESCE(kartotee.St,0) AS St, COALESCE(kartotee.Toode,'') AS
Toode, COALESCE(kartotee.Vkaubasumm,0) AS Vkaubasumm,
AS Vm, COALESCE(kartotee.Yksus,'') AS Yksus, COALESCE(Artliik.Arttyyp,'') AS
ArtliikArttyyp, COALESCE(Dok.Kellaaeg,'') AS DokKellaaeg, Dok.Kuupaev AS
DokKuupaev, COALESCE(Dok.Raha,'') AS DokRaha, COALESCE(Toode.Jaehind,0) AS
ToodeJaehind, COALESCE(Toode.Nimetus,'') AS ToodeNimetus,
COALESCE(Toode.Yhik,'') AS ToodeYhik
FROM ({0}) kartotee
JOIN prpalk ON true
JOIN toode ON kartotee.toode=toode.toode
LEFT JOIN artliik USING(grupp,liik)
LEFT JOIN rid ON rid.id=kartotee.id
LEFT JOIN dok ON kartotee.dokumnr=dok.dokumnr
LEFT JOIN klient ON dok.klient=klient.kood

        string pattern = @"SELECT*FROM ({0}) *";

        var res = Microsoft.VisualBasic.CompilerServices.StringType.StrLike(
            source, pattern,

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