[Mono-list] Mono 2.6 for Ubuntu

daniel trampster at gmail.com
Thu Jan 14 00:58:12 EST 2010

The ubuntu devs package and deploy for their release which happens every 
6 months. it is insane to say its up to them to package version released 
between OS versions.

Ubuntu comes with a packaged version on gnome do, which is fine, however 
I choose to use a more recent version of gnome do so I use a PPA which 
is supplied by the developers  (not the ubuntu devs)

The fact that ubuntu/devian developers package mono for you for its OS 
releases is a bonus, did Microsoft package up mono  and include it in 
its Windows 7? NO! did Apple package up mono and include it in snow 
leopard? no. So ubuntu is helping you guys out hugely but do you thank 
them? no, you just expect more of them.

I also use Chrome in ubuntu. Its not in the repros at all, when I wanted 
to install chrome did google say... O sorry its up to ubuntu/debian to 
package chrome for you, its not our fault if they don't. No, they 
packaged it themselves and even provided different channels so I can 
decide exactly how cutting edge I want to be.

So you have to worry about a newer version breaking existing 
applications, how is this different from on any other operating system?

It's not up to the ubuntu devs to package new versions of mono for exist 
OS releases, its up to the mono project to do this and provide it as a PPA.

The question you need to ask is, how important is the largest desktop 
linux distribution to the mono project.

At my work we started to port a .net application to mono, however it 
need to run on ubuntu (8.04) do you know what version of mono is in  
8.04 its 1.2.6, everything for our app was supported in mono 2.4 but 
mono 1.2.6? not even close. So we abandoned our efforts, I'm sure their 
are lots of other people out there with similar stories. Those of us who 
use ubuntu feel a little bit like second class citizens.

B.R. wrote:
> On Wed, Jan 13, 2010 at 8:42 PM, Bálint Kardos <kardosbalint at gmail.com 
> <mailto:kardosbalint at gmail.com>> wrote:
>     Hi Stephen,
>     Fact 1: the provider decides on the virtualized platforms, not me. 
>     They have Fedora, Ubuntu or Debian systems ready. 
>     Fact 2: I've used Debian and Fedora for a decade, so I'm more
>     familiar with Ubuntu as with SuSe.
>     Fact 3: I've started working on merging all my sites/servers back
>     to Windows 2008.
>     It is a sad story, but the lack of real features on mono (Web
>     Services still has bugs for years, the LINQ implementation is a
>     horror etc.) makes it more and more hard to use it as a real
>     Production (not a toy playground) platform.
>     üdvözlettel
>     with regards
>     Kardos Bálint
>     _______________________________________
>     http://skaelede.hu 10 (0xA) év a magyar weben
> If there are web services bugs, file bugs--if nobody knows about them, 
> they can't get fixed. Also, clarify what you mean by LINQ? LINQ to 
> Objects is pretty simple and there's only so many ways to implement 
> that, so I'm not sure how you can lay claim to that being a horror. 
> LINQ to SQL is a different story, and a huge effort that is only now 
> beginning to be integrated into Mono properly. You could also file 
> bugs for those--once again, if nobody knows about them, they can't get 
> fixed.
> --B.R.
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