[Mono-list] Help in dealing with Mono/.NET PInvoke issue

Dinis Cruz dinis.cruz at googlemail.com
Tue Jan 12 21:21:49 EST 2010

Sorry, I just realized that I have been abusing the ASCX term.

What I'm calling ASCX are actually simple System.Windows.Forms.UserControl
classes. For example:

    public partial class ascx_LogViewer : UserControl

On your idea to use MonoDevelop,  it is now multi-platform right? If so,
that could be an option. I've downloaded the code and will take a look. Is
there an 'starters guide for MonoDevelop code'?

Basically, the first think that I am after is just the MonoDeveloper GUI
shell and the ability to add new tabs using the UserControl classes that I
have already developed.

In the past I tried the SharpDevelop GUI but found it to be too messy and
complicated to reuse.

Dinis Cruz

2010/1/11 Miguel de Icaza <miguel at novell.com>

> Hello,
> > (see screenshot of it running here http://bit.ly/84oIqn (with
> > MonoDevelop on the background))
> I am not sure what an ASCX control is, is that some sort of ASP.NET
> control hosted on a browser?
> > Basically what I need is:
> >       * WinForm environment similar with VisualStudio or MonoDevelop
> >       * Ability to create document and pads using the exiting ASCX
> >       * Supports OSx, Linux and Windows
> >       * StandAlone API (i.e. only the GUI in the referenced assembly)
> > If MonoDevelop will be hard to use (is it that hard to just get a
> > MonoDevelop raw GUI with no extra functionality) then are there other
> > Mono alternatives?
> I am not sure I understand what is the stated goal, but it sounds like
> you need some sort of IDE-like tool and you would like to run your code
> inside this IDE device.
> Perhaps you could create your application as a set of MonoDevelop
> Add-Ins in that case?
> >
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