[Mono-list] Help in dealing with Mono/.NET PInvoke issue

Miguel de Icaza miguel at novell.com
Mon Jan 11 14:44:10 EST 2010


> (see screenshot of it running here http://bit.ly/84oIqn (with
> MonoDevelop on the background))

I am not sure what an ASCX control is, is that some sort of ASP.NET
control hosted on a browser?

> Basically what I need is:
>       * WinForm environment similar with VisualStudio or MonoDevelop 
>       * Ability to create document and pads using the exiting ASCX
>       * Supports OSx, Linux and Windows
>       * StandAlone API (i.e. only the GUI in the referenced assembly)
> If MonoDevelop will be hard to use (is it that hard to just get a
> MonoDevelop raw GUI with no extra functionality) then are there other
> Mono alternatives? 

I am not sure I understand what is the stated goal, but it sounds like
you need some sort of IDE-like tool and you would like to run your code
inside this IDE device.

Perhaps you could create your application as a set of MonoDevelop
Add-Ins in that case?


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