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Jonathan Pobst monkey at jpobst.com
Mon Dec 27 00:25:32 EST 2010

The runaway mono.exe process when running MD on Windows is a known bug:



On 12/26/2010 10:40 PM, Omar Campos wrote:
> Hi everyone,
>   In following the advice provided here, I downloaded and installed
> SharpDevelop. I made a simple salary calculator in C#, just to test it
> out.  I have to say, I like what I've seen so far. The IDE is lightning
> fast, as well as compilation. Code Completion also works like a charm.
> The only catch... I don't think it's compiling using my installed Mono
> compilers, since, when debugging the app, I cannot see mono.exe in my
> Task Manager, so I guess it must be using .net framework instead of
> Mono. Does anyone know how to change this, or how to determine which
> framework it is using to run? The reason I want this is because I want
> to take advantage of Mono's SQLite support on future projects, which is
> not available on VS Express.
>   I also tried MonoDevelop 2.4 on my 4GB of RAM Vaio laptop, with
> Windows 7. When the IDE started, the system slowed down incredibly (I
> couldn't even Alt-Tab to switch windows). After a few minutes, I was
> able to open task manager, and saw a MonoDevelop.exe process, along with
> three mono.exe processes, one of which was using 1.5 GB of the available
> system memory. The other mono.exe processes were using 262 MB and 20 MB
> of RAM (approximately, as the numbers kept changing). After a few more
> minutes, the MonoDevelop interface appeared, and the mono process using
> 1.5 GB of memory went down to about 15 MB of RAM.  But I still could not
> interact with the interface. I finally decided to end all four
> processes, but even after doing so, the system was still slow, so I was
> forced to restart.
>   This is exactly the same that happened when I tried MonoDevelop on a 1
> GB of RAM machine a few months back. I was, however, able to run
> MonoDevelop sucessfully of a 2 GB RAM desktop PC. Since my 4 GB laptop
> also presented the same problems, I'm guessing the problem is not lack
> of RAM. Could something in MonoDevelop cause it to be incompatible with
> laptops (sounds unlikely)? Or could there be some additional
> configuration that must be done after installing the Mono framework that
> I have failed to do?
> As I was advised, I'll ask this same question at the MonoDevelop list
> tomorrow, but if anyone has any additional suggestions that I might try,
> they're more than welcome. (I don't mind using SharpDevelop, as long as
> I can get it to compile my projects with the Mono compilers).
> On a final note, all of these machines I've tested MonoDevelop on can
> run VS Express, even if it's a bit sluggish and slow to start.
> Thanks for any advice.
> Sincerely,
> Omar Campos Rivera
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