[Mono-list] Alternative IDE for windows

Omar Campos megathodik at gmail.com
Sun Dec 26 23:40:17 EST 2010

Hi everyone,

 In following the advice provided here, I downloaded and installed
SharpDevelop. I made a simple salary calculator in C#, just to test it out.
I have to say, I like what I've seen so far. The IDE is lightning fast, as
well as compilation. Code Completion also works like a charm. The only
catch... I don't think it's compiling using my installed Mono compilers,
since, when debugging the app, I cannot see mono.exe in my Task Manager, so
I guess it must be using .net framework instead of Mono. Does anyone know
how to change this, or how to determine which framework it is using to run?
The reason I want this is because I want to take advantage of Mono's SQLite
support on future projects, which is not available on VS Express.

 I also tried MonoDevelop 2.4 on my 4GB of RAM Vaio laptop, with Windows 7.
When the IDE started, the system slowed down incredibly (I couldn't even
Alt-Tab to switch windows). After a few minutes, I was able to open task
manager, and saw a MonoDevelop.exe process, along with three mono.exe
processes, one of which was using 1.5 GB of the available system memory. The
other mono.exe processes were using 262 MB and 20 MB of RAM (approximately,
as the numbers kept changing). After a few more minutes, the MonoDevelop
interface appeared, and the mono process using 1.5 GB of memory went down to
about 15 MB of RAM.  But I still could not interact with the interface. I
finally decided to end all four processes, but even after doing so, the
system was still slow, so I was forced to restart.

 This is exactly the same that happened when I tried MonoDevelop on a 1 GB
of RAM machine a few months back. I was, however, able to run MonoDevelop
sucessfully of a 2 GB RAM desktop PC. Since my 4 GB laptop also presented
the same problems, I'm guessing the problem is not lack of RAM. Could
something in MonoDevelop cause it to be incompatible with laptops (sounds
unlikely)? Or could there be some additional configuration that must be done
after installing the Mono framework that I have failed to do?

As I was advised, I'll ask this same question at the MonoDevelop list
tomorrow, but if anyone has any additional suggestions that I might try,
they're more than welcome. (I don't mind using SharpDevelop, as long as I
can get it to compile my projects with the Mono compilers).

On a final note, all of these machines I've tested MonoDevelop on can run VS
Express, even if it's a bit sluggish and slow to start.

Thanks for any advice.

Omar Campos Rivera
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