[Mono-list] Reports in Mono/C#

"José A. Salvador Vanaclocha" joansava at gmail.com
Wed Aug 25 10:23:20 EDT 2010

As I said I execute a little java program build myself from 
Process.Execute on mono.

The java program I made invokes the jasper report api to fit my needs. 
This program receives as a parameter a file generated on mono with the 
data in xml format to fill the report.

I am developing on an earlier version of Monodevelop and Mono. Versions 
which are packaged from debian lenny. That is the fact I dont know if 
it's possible exchange the Process.Execute on Mono by java code on mono 
via ikvm today.

I hope you understand me now.


Jose Salvador

Andrus escribió:
> Do you have sample to execute JasperReports from Mono ?
> For Mono reporitng, I reccommend http://fyireporting.com
> Andrus.
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>> If you dont mind execute java code you could integrate your mono
>> application with jasper reports engine.
>> It may be possible execute java code on mono through ikvm, therefore i
>> am integrating my mono application with the jasper report solution via
>> Process.Execute to execute the little java code versus the jasper
>> reports api.
>> In few words, I extract the report data via mono application and bypass
>> to report solution, of course, in java.
>> Greets.
>> Juan Carlos Ferrández escribió:
>>> Hi.
>>> Sorry for my poor English...
>>> I'm looking for info to create reports in Mono/Gtk#, and I´ve found 2
>>> possible solutions:
>>>    - Reports with Sun Report Builder and OpenOffice bindings for Mono:
>>>      This solution is PERFECT, but I didn´t find one code example.
>>>    - Reports with WebKit and Print/PrintFull Function of MainFrame 
>>> object:
>>>      This is a good solution, but it works with HTML. It has preview 
>>> and PDF
>>> export option.
>>> Does anyone know any other method for creating reports in Mono/Gtk#?.
>>> Thanks.
>>> Juan Carlos Ferrández
>> Jose Salvador.
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