[Mono-list] - XslCompiledTransform.Load missing overloads

Robert Jordan robertj at gmx.net
Thu Sep 24 07:15:03 EDT 2009

daniel wrote:
> I see from the msdn documentation that loading by type was added in .net 
> 2.0 SP1. So it wasn't in .net 2.0. Which explains why it is missing from 
> mono 2.0

Yeah, implementing an XSLT compiler looks like being a rainy Sunday job.
It's still not in Mono because it didn't rain the last months :)

> I guess the question is how can you implement a class with 'Compiled' in 
> the name using an interpreter. It's just plain misleading. If you can't 
> make do a 'Compiled' transform then why pretend? XslCompiledTransform 
> should be maked as not implemented/ throw a not implemented exception 
> rather then pretend its a compiled transform when its actually an 
> interpreter.

This is a ridiculous claim. There is semantically no difference
between both methods. Implementing one with the help of the
another is fully acceptable and conforming with Mono's "implement
first, optimize later" strategy. Throwing NIE in this case is
just counterproductive.


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