[Mono-list] Can't get Ahead-Of-Time compilation working

Glenn R. Martin lifewarped at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 1 07:41:10 EDT 2009

On 01 Oct 2009, at 07:37 , Alex Shulgin wrote:

> LKeene wrote:
>> Sorry for being a bother folks, but I'm finding all of this a little
>> confusing. I'm a "Windows only" guy and I still don't understand  
>> what the
>> steps are to perform AOT using Mono on Mac. My app is pure WinForms  
>> and I'm
>> running a VS2008-generated binary on the Mono platform when running  
>> my app
>> on Linux or OSX. I know next to nothing about OSX / Linux and have  
>> been
>> relying on others to install Mono on their machines and run my app  
>> whenever
>> I need to test a new build. The Linux performance is good enough  
>> with JIT,
>> but the OSX performance is a little slow so I was hoping that AOT  
>> would help
>> here. My app is also doing a ton of startup stuff, so AOT would  
>> hopefully
>> help there too.
>> My understanding is that if I want to make use of the AOT feature,  
>> I first
>> precompile the app using "mono --aot -O=all MyApp.exe". Then I  
>> invoke the
>> precompiled app via "mono MyApp.exe.so  
>> SomeCommandLineArgumentMyAppNeeds".
>> Is all this correct?
> You get it right, almost.
> 1. You have to run mono --aot MyApp.exe on OSX once after every update
> of the .exe file.  This will give you MyApp.exe.so file which is a
> native OSX binary.
> 2. After that run your application as usual: mono MyApp.exe (no .so
> suffix).  If everything worked right, mono will notice that .so file  
> and
> use it instead of JIT-ing the .exe assembly.
>> I'm doing all of my development on a Windows 7 box, but I suppose  
>> that in
>> order to perform a full AOT for OSX I need to perform the above  
>> steps on OSX
>> which, according to Apple, has Xcode installed by default? Is there  
>> anything
>> else that needs to be installed on the OSX box other than Mono  
>> itself in
>> order to get this working? I'm really only interested in AOT on  
>> OSX, not
>> Linux.
> I believe you need Xcode to do this.  Other option might be using
> macports to pull only binutils package, but now that you mention no
> experience on Linux/OSX your best bet is using Xcode.

Of note, Xcode is not installed by default, however it is available in  
full on your OS install/restore disc.

Glenn R. Martin

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