[Mono-list] Porting PyGtk tutorial to GTK# - Help needed

Andy andy at ninjagod.com
Thu Nov 26 03:57:05 EST 2009


> It occurred to me that we could start a Wave and have interested  
> parties contribute to the wave to port the various tutorials to Gtk#
I had a small concern that the PyGtk or Gtkmm tutorials don't follow the
same workflow as someone would while working with MonoDevelop.

Instead of making it look like widgets have to be created, allocated and
configured manually via the code, maybe it might make more sense to
demonstrate the GUI designer and property grid which removes the need to
write most of the code.

There seem to be only a few "useful methods" and "useful properties" of
a widget that needs highlighting - like the Buffer for Gtk.TextView and
the PixBuf for Gtk.Image.

Most of the code in the tutorial are for creating and configuring
properties of the widget, and a very little portion of it is in adding
the business logic.

It might also make sense to build an entire app which uses most of the
widgets, and writing corresponding documentation. For example - a basic
twitter client covering all the widgets and evolving like a normal
project - from very basic functionality to something encompassing more
widgets. I would love it if each step of the tutorial was a git commit
so that I can see what portion of the code affects what feature by
reading the diffs.


Senior undergraduate student, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur
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