[Mono-list] ANN: DeveelDB 0.9.8b (BETA) released: please, contribute!

Antonello Provenzano antonello at deveel.com
Wed Nov 25 16:54:51 EST 2009

Hi Guys!

I'm happy to announce you that I've just released the second public
beta version of DeveelDB, the emebeddable SQL relational database
management system for Mono. This fixes several bugs, plus adds some
new interesting features:

- the support for table identities, through the IDENTITY type: you can
now set a field as IDENTITY, which will be automatically assigned to
the last value of the table native sequence generator, and retrieve it
through the syntax "SELECT IDENTITY FROM TableName" (or "SELECT
- multiple databases: the system implements now a mechanism to handle
multiple databases and the ability to select which one to connect
(either from the ADO.NET client or the embedded interface);
- a better ADO.NET client: fully compliant with the specifications;
support for System.Transactions (in preparation for the moment it will
be implemented by Mono also); support for LINQ installation.(the
DeveelDB Entity Model Framework is currently under development);
- CALLBACK TRIGGERS implemented directly in the client as attachable "events";
- support for LOBs (Large OBjects, such as large text data or large
binary data) through the client DeveelDbLob object
. a configurable cache system (to ideally support custom external
efficient cache systems, such as memcached)

Also included in the packages you will find a console client to
interact with instances of DeveelDB and a TCP/IP server (properly
working, compared to the previous version in the 0.9.6b):
Bear in mind, anyway, that this version is still in beta state
(especially the additional components to the core library): I'd like
to encourage you, if you encounter any failure, to report it so that
next versions will include

You can download the binaries (and eventually the sources) for Windows
and Linux from the DeveelDB Google Code page


I hope you will get the chance to checkout this new version, use it,
test it and enjoy it!


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