[Mono-list] Weird issue with Process.Start (works with MS .NET)

Robert Jordan robertj at gmx.net
Thu Nov 12 16:21:23 EST 2009

Charlie Poole wrote:
> Hi Anteru, 
>> Err, the problem is, if the C# code is executed with the Mono 
>> Runtime, the Start() call hangs, while it works with the 
>> MS.NET runtime -- I didn't check whether it makes a 
>> difference whether the _target_ process uses a different runtime.
>> The problem is that the _host app_ (from which I took the 
>> code) behaves differently with .NET and Mono; with Mono on 
>> Linux, it simply hangs at the p.Start() call :/
> Actually, it behaves the same way. That is, it instructs the
> OS to load and execute a particular executable. On Linux, that
> executable is not... well... executable.

Under Linux, a CIL PE file passed to ProcessStartInfo will
be automatically executed with the current mono runtime.

This does not apply to mono on Windows.


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