[Mono-list] Weird issue with Process.Start (works with MS .NET)

Charlie Poole charlie at nunit.com
Thu Nov 12 14:06:33 EST 2009

> > Actually, it behaves the same way. That is, it instructs the OS to 
> > load and execute a particular executable. On Linux, that 
> executable is 
> > not... well... executable.
> Nope, that's wrong. As I said, I can run it flawlessly in a 
> simpler app, it just does not work in context of this bigger 
> one. On Ubuntu, you can run mono executables right from the 
> command line using ./foo.exe -- and it certainly works to run 
> it via Process.Start(). I guess Ubuntu registers .exe as a 
> non-native executable by default.

OK... I didn't know that - thought it was only via the shell.
Of course, this won't work on all distributions.

BTW, if you run under Mono on windows, you'll end up running 
the second process under .NET, so if that's a problem for you,
you'll want to take it into account.
> The problem is really something which happens in the larger 
> context of my app, as I cannot reproduce the issue with a 
> small test case (the small test case starts a C# app and 
> correctly read from standard output.)
> That's why I'm asking where to start debugging, as I'm a bit lost.

That's the end of my info... maybe somebody else can help.


> Cheers,
>   Anteru
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