[Mono-list] re d hat enterprise 5x and mono

Joseph Hill jhill at arcfocus.com
Sun May 17 11:14:03 EDT 2009

> Considering that Mono 2.4 supports anyway an old version of .NET framework
> (developers here are on 3.5 if I am not wrong) I think Mono 1.9 is (too)
> older and might add further problems.
The version numbers for Mono and .NET do not align because there are 
major portions of .NET that are less important to Mono users than others 
(for instance, WPF).

For ASP.NET development, Mono 2.4 essentially supports most of what is 
in .NET 3.5 (minus LINQ to SQL and WCF, though those are in progress).

For a proof of concept like you are proposing, since Mono is packaged 
and QA tested on SUSE, I would suggest starting with the openSUSE VMware 
image Mono hosts, see if Mono 2.4 is going to be capable of meeting your 
needs, and spare yourself the pain of building and configuring Mono for 
another distribution for a later day. 


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