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Geoff Norton gnorton at novell.com
Sun Mar 29 15:01:22 EDT 2009

CCing moonlight-list

I've answered your questions below, and cc'd the moonlight-list for any 
follow-up you might have.  Also feel free to pop by the #moonlight 
channel, usually one of us is always around


On 03/29/2009 01:46 PM, cDima wrote:
> I want to make sure that I understand this proposed GSoC task 
> correctly: “Using Silverlight 2.0 build the UI for video editing 
> software”.
> Below I wrote my understanding of the deliverable, my questions, bio, 
> and risks. Please tell me if I got the idea right, thanks!
> The deliverable will be a user-friendly Silverlight application for 
> in-browser video editing. The app will be somewhat like
>     * the GSoC 2005 Diva Video Editor
>       http://mono-project.com/Summer2005#Diva,
>     * the Top Banana MIX2007
>       http://silverlight.net/learn/learnvideo.aspx?video=125 applications.
> The well polished GUI should resemble specialized software like 
> Apple’s iMovie and Adobe’s After Effects. The GUI will consist of:
>     * preview area for the video,
>     * timeline editor with drag-and-drop editing, skimming, trimming,
>       cut & paste, slicing.
>     * resource list (media library).
>     * Tools to apply effects and transitions to the clips.
> The sample application should work within web browsers supporting 
> Silverlight 2.0, be written in clean, maintainable code.
> Questions:
>    1. The Diva Video Editor was an incredible GUI program. We want a
>       similar Silverlight/Moonlight alternative?

Yes, the goal is to provide the solution in-browser in Silverlight and 

>    1. I am most comfortable working in C# in Visual Studio 2008, may I
>       implement this application in Visual Studio 2008 and Expression
>       Blend Suite?

This is fine.

> About me:
> My name is Dmitri Sadakov. I have a master’s degree in computer 
> science, going on to PhD in CS, both from Saint Petersburg Polytechnic 
> University, Russia. I’ve been a computer engineer for around 8 years, 
> 6 of it devoted to C#, ASP.Net, and winforms. The most complicated 
> coding project I have been involved in is NYSE backend website 
> (http://www.nyse.com/) and the Eluma 
> (http://blog.go2web20.net/2008/05/eluma-as-desktop-client-for-friendfeed.html). 
> My open source experience includes coding my masters degree 
> application as open source samba crawler & search interface, 
> Lan-Crawler (http://sourceforge.net/projects/lan-crawler/). The last 2 
> years I have been working in ASP.Net, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, and 
> objective-c, I am most comfortable working with C#.
> Creating an in-browser video editing application in Silverlight should 
> be worth spending time on this summer. I am eager to increase 
> Silverlight skills, and help the open source community. Also, lately I 
> have been working a lot with Adobe After Effects for video editing and 
> creating motion graphics.
> Risks:
>     * I will need to research to understand the mechanics of grabbing
>       images from video streams.
>     * Same for the mechanics of applying transitions and effects
>     * Moonlight 2.0 Beta will be released mid May 2009
>       http://www.mono-project.com/MoonlightRoadmap , there is a big
>       chance of this video editor to not work on that beta.
>     * The project might prove to be too hard for my experience with
>       silverlight, then again it might not.
> Thanks,
> Dmitri Sadakov
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