[Mono-list] Best OS dist to use?

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Fri Mar 6 13:41:35 EST 2009

On Fri, Mar 6, 2009 at 11:22 AM, eschneider at schneidersoft.com
<eschneider at schneidersoft.com> wrote:
> Yes, Everything is developed in Windows & VS2008 and works. Problem is
> testing everything and then fixing all the issues found in Mono/Linux. I'm
> trying to get a whole suite of win forms components working in Mono and
> running in Linux OS. Took forever just to get OpenSUSE installed. Don't see
> any point to install VMWare when I already have need Virtual PC 2007. They
> should make in work in VPC, windows seems to work fine there...
> This whole process a major pain, which is probably why companies don't
> bother...
> I can't find a install for Mono 2.4 for (openSUSE), any link would be great.

So you already have openSUSE working? What version are you using?

Here is the link for Mono 2.4 preview:


You need to add one of those repositories (according to the version of
opensuse you have) using Yast (how to do it here:
Then in Yast open "Software Management" and search for mono. Install
the one that says "mono-complete"


> Eric
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>> Hello,
>> What is the recommended OS + Win Manager to use for Mono & WinForms
>> development? I thought it was Open SUSE...
>> I have been trying for days to get Open SUSE installed on Virtual PC 2007,
>> but it always hangs...
> Better if you use VirtualBox (http://virtualbox.org/) Linux works
> great on it. But for WinForms 'development' I would use Windows and
> VisualStudio and then I would test the result in Linux. The WinForms
> designer in VisualStudio is really solid and has tons of features.
> There is not a released WinForms designer for mono (as far as I know).
> David.
>> Any help would be great
>> Thanks,
>> Eric
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