[Mono-list] Best OS dist to use?

Jiří Zárevúcký zarevucky.jiri at gmail.com
Fri Mar 6 13:39:58 EST 2009

2009/3/6 eschneider at schneidersoft.com <eschneider at schneidersoft.com>:
> Yes, Everything is developed in Windows & VS2008 and works. Problem is
> testing everything and then fixing all the issues found in Mono/Linux. I'm
> trying to get a whole suite of win forms components working in Mono and
> running in Linux OS. Took forever just to get OpenSUSE installed. Don't see
> any point to install VMWare when I already have need Virtual PC 2007. They
> should make in work in VPC, windows seems to work fine there...

You don't realize two things:

1) Virtual PC is a Microsoft software
2) You can't "make" operating system run in a virtual machine, it
doesn't work that way. Operating system runs on a real hardware and
it's virtual machine's problem to emulate it properly.

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