[Mono-list] server-sided concepts in Mono / ASP.NET vs. Java EE

Tom Opgenorth opgenorth at gmail.com
Thu Jun 18 10:22:58 EDT 2009

On Thu, Jun 18, 2009 at 05:06, Kristian Rink<lists at zimmer428.net> wrote:
> [Deployment]
> This seems pretty straightforward. However is there also a notion of
> "undeploying" things again? Simply removing the code from the application
> server? If so, what happens to classes that are loaded and have instances
> hanging around?
Not sure what you mean here?  Do you mean you delete all the files
from your server?  Or you copy new files over?

> any code components / frameworks / ... out there targeting .NET likely to
> run atop Mono out of the box, or does this depend upon the very library in
> question?
Hard to say.  You can use MoMA (Mono Migration Assistant) over a .NET
assembly to determine is compatibility with Mono.  Odds are good (and
get better with each release) that you can just drop in your .NET
assembly under Mono (assuming Windows specific tricks aren't used).

> Indeed familiar as well. Has anyone sharing a Java background any
> experiences in how this compares to "Java Hibernate" in terms of stability,
> feature set and usability in "production-ready" projects?
NHibernate is a port of Hibernate to .NET.  It's trustworthy and
capable in production-ready projects.  The only problems I've had with
it have been due to my own ignorance.

> Asides this, what about "other" Java EE related infrastructure components,
> i.e. frameworks for creating, exposing as well as consuming (SOAP/REST
> based) web services, asynchronous messaging etc.? Are there analogous
> technologies in .NET / Mono?
If you're asking for a map of "Java tool X is .NET tool nX", that
might be a bit tricky.  In general, yes there are frameworks for the
stuff you mentioned (ASMX for web services, something like nServiceBus
or Mass Transit for asynchronous messaging).


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