[Mono-list] server-sided concepts in Mono / ASP.NET vs. Java EE

Kristian Rink lists at zimmer428.net
Thu Jun 18 07:06:49 EDT 2009

Hi Tom;

and first off, thanks a bunch for your comments which did shed some light on
at least some of my questions...

> To deploy a .NET web app one typically copies all the files over to
> the web server.  You could put everything into a ZIP file and just
> unzip on your application server.

This seems pretty straightforward. However is there also a notion of
"undeploying" things again? Simply removing the code from the application
server? If so, what happens to classes that are loaded and have instances
hanging around?

> Using one of the MVC frameworks, like MonoRail or ASP.NET MVC, is
> probably your best bet (either one - they're both good IMHO).  There
> are plenty of IoC frameworks for .NET - I've used (and like) both
> Castle Windsor and StructureMap.  If you go the MonoRail route, odds
> are you'll naturally fall into Castle Windsor.

Thanks a bunch for the pointers, I'll have a look at this. At the very least
after having a quick look, seems Castle Windsor indeed is providing quite
some "familiar" features... Talking about this, a more general question: Are
any code components / frameworks / ... out there targeting .NET likely to
run atop Mono out of the box, or does this depend upon the very library in

[O/R mapping]
> Coming from the Java space, you're probably familiar with Hibernate,
> so I would say you should check out NHibernate.

Indeed familiar as well. Has anyone sharing a Java background any
experiences in how this compares to "Java Hibernate" in terms of stability,
feature set and usability in "production-ready" projects?

Asides this, what about "other" Java EE related infrastructure components,
i.e. frameworks for creating, exposing as well as consuming (SOAP/REST
based) web services, asynchronous messaging etc.? Are there analogous
technologies in .NET / Mono?

TIA and all the best,

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