[Mono-list] The Mono 1.0 profile.

Miguel de Icaza miguel at novell.com
Tue Jul 21 11:49:32 EDT 2009

Hello Gert,

> Will you be removing all 1.0 specific code (paths)?
> Will support for building the net_1_1 profile be removed altogether (or will
> you just need to opt-in)?

Yes, I would like to do that: remove all the ifdefs for net_1_1 on post
Mono 2.6 releases, and remove all the tests for 1.1 compatibility as

> Will you discourage packagers to include the net_1_1 profile?
> I understand that Novell itself cannot continue supporting all profiles, but
> I think you should at least allow the community to continue this.

My feeling is that we should come to a place where you can have two Mono
runtimes installed, an older one to run the 1.0 runtime, and another one
to run 2.0 and 4.0.

The issue is not only a problem with build times taking longer for each
developer, they also take longer one each build bot, it almost doubles
the test suite run times, and it wastes developer time (Novell or
otherwise) making sure that we do not break the 1.0 profile.

With the introduction of the 4.0 APIs with a new mscorlib we will end up
in a situation where every check in has to be tested and compiled
against 3 versions.   It is an amount of work that is slowing Mono down
as a whole.

I rather invest in finding creative ways of packaging and installing two
monos in parallel for those that want to have 1.0 based apps.


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