[Mono-list] The Mono 1.0 profile.

Gert Driesen gert.driesen at telenet.be
Tue Jul 21 02:33:58 EDT 2009

Hi Miguel,

Can you be a little more specific?
Will you be removing all 1.0 specific code (paths)?
Will support for building the net_1_1 profile be removed altogether (or will
you just need to opt-in)?
Will you discourage packagers to include the net_1_1 profile?
I understand that Novell itself cannot continue supporting all profiles, but
I think you should at least allow the community to continue this.

1.0 applications can indeed run on 2.0 runtimes, but rest assured that
you'll get a difference in behavior.
This is mostly because lots of bugs where fixed since net_1_1, but in some
cases that bug compatibility is actually needed.


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Hello folks,

    The upcoming Mono 2.6 will be the last Mono release to support
the .NET 1.0 profile.

    Pretty much all developers have moved to use generics-aware code
these days, and supporting the 1.0 profile has become an large tax on
the development team.

    1.0 applications run just fine on 2.0 runtimes, so few users will be
affected by 1.0-only bugs or dependencies (we are bug compatible in a
few places with the 1.0 behavior).

    Users that still want to run 1.0 applications will be able to do so
by keeping an older version of Mono around (2.4 or 2.6, plus whatever is
the latest Mono release).  

    The tax means that we need to continue developing and maintaining
libraries that are not able to take advantage of 2.0 features for old
users, and it means that build times are longer, regression test suites
have to be run twice, and we have to keep and maintain bug compatibility
with another version. 


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