[Mono-list] mod_mono stability issues

Andrus kobruleht2 at hot.ee
Sun Jan 25 09:44:22 EST 2009


Thank you.

> You forgot the platform, but I guess it's Vista.

Yes. You can see it from posted log file: Windows NT 6.0

 > Why don't you use a more common platform? Or at least stick
> with something that it supposed to work under Windows, like XSP.
> That beast is perfectly suitable for testing an ASP.NET application
> on Windows before deploying it on Linux.

Some of customers have windows servers.
If some servers are using IIS  and some are using Mono I need to support two
different platforms.

So my idea is to use single platform, Mono in all servers.

Is this reasonable or should I learn and use IIS+.NET  in Windows?

I got the following reply from windows mod_mono  author, Angel Marin:

"mod_mono binary is not updated to run with mono svn. I'm surprised that
it even works, mod_mono protocol is bound to particular mono releases.
You'll probably need a binary that matches the svn revision of your mono

Webservices have had issues when going through mod_mono on windows,
though not sure if they work reliably now, haven't tested them lately"

Will Apache+mod_mono run OK in older windwses than Vista ?

Is it reasonable to use XSP instead mod_mono to run asmx web service in
Windows production servers ?
Can you make mod_mono in SVN to compile for Windows also by including 
Angel's patch ?

Which is the stable configuration to run Mono asmx web service in
windows in production server ?


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