[Mono-list] Some issues with mono 2.0

Maxim Karavaev makska at yandex.ru
Mon Sep 22 17:33:17 EDT 2008

Thanks for answer, Joshua.

> > 1) In rush hours mod_mono server didn't close the connections, and
> > hundreds or even thousands open connections "kill" the server.
> Have you tried adding something to httpd.conf like:
>      MonoMaxActiveRequests 10
>      MonoMaxWaitingRequests 30
Yes, we set both this parameters to 0 for high-loaded web-sites. Other has default value.

> Or setting the environment variable MONO_THREADS_PER_CPU to something 
> greater than the default of 5?
Yes, we set MONO_THREADS_PER_CPU=2000 for all web-sites. Before it we get other more annoing issue "Service Temporary available".

> I've found what you describe to seem to have to do with Mono 
> deadlocking. Though I'm not sure. In any case, that's why I set 
> MonoMaxActiveRequests fairly low at 10.
10 is too low for us, we have up to 100 simulatelous requests for some sites.

> > 2) May be related to 1) - mod_mono processes grow in time (I mean memory
> > consumption). And sometimes reached 1-2 Gb for most loaded web-sites.
> Similarly:
>      MonoAutoRestartMode Requests
>      MonoAutoRestartRequests 10000
> to prevent the growth from getting to be too much before restarting the 
> backend.
We are thinking about it, and we will do it if rc2 doesn't fix this problem.

> Interestingly I used to have that problem, but lately something about 
> either having a faster server or setting the directives above have kept 
> the memory around 400MB or less, iirc.
We set MonoMaxMemory directive for all vhosts, but it seems like not work. All mono-process grow higher than directive values.

Max Karavaev

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