[Mono-list] Monodoc, Submitting Documentation Changes

Miguel de Icaza miguel at novell.com
Sun Sep 21 14:34:43 EDT 2008

> I assume someone has to scrutinize the submissions to be sure someone
> isn't tampering with them, and I understand that can take some time.
> But I need to be sure that there actually is someone on the other end
> of that WebService actually acknowledging the submitted changes before
> I commit time and effort into helping out the project in this fashion.

It is usually me, but I would love if other people wanted to become
"reviewers" to ensure that text is not copy pasted from MSDN.

The bad news is that many contributions for the documentation have a
high rated of copy-pasting from MSDN, so at some point I started
ignoring most of the contributions to .NET class library documentation,
hoping to one day have some time to do it all in one go.

Documentation to Mono-specific APIs usually goes directly into the tree.

I am open to giving other people access to the tool to admin things, if
someone wants to step up.

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