[Mono-list] Monodoc, Submitting Documentation Changes

Chad Kittel chad.kittel at gmail.com
Sat Sep 20 21:59:07 EDT 2008


I'm curious as to what the policies and procedures are around Joe
Developer making modifications to the mono documentation via the
[edit] & submit feature in the Monodoc Viewer.  I would love to help
fill in some of the missing entries with non-plagiarized content and
standardize already existing entries.

Before I started wildly clicking the [edit] link in Monodoc, I thought
I would try it in a few, minor edits, and then submit the edits (via
Contributing -> Upload Contributions...) just to be sure they were
going to be applied and my work wouldn't be in vain.  My minor edits
(spelling fixes, etc) have not yet been "committed" -- at least
according to the Contributing -> View Contribution Statistics...
option in Monodoc.

Total contributions: 2
Contributions committed: 0
Contributions pending: 2

I assume someone has to scrutinize the submissions to be sure someone
isn't tampering with them, and I understand that can take some time.
But I need to be sure that there actually is someone on the other end
of that WebService actually acknowledging the submitted changes before
I commit time and effort into helping out the project in this fashion.

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