[Mono-list] what linux flavour to use with mono

Chris Morley g18c at hotmail.com
Mon Sep 8 01:40:31 EDT 2008

> For someone who makes a good living as a .NET developer, that argues in > favor of SuSE Linux for experimenting with mono, IMHO.> > Others, who have personally adopted Red Hat, or Ubuntu, will of course, > disagree.
I disagree :) I use CentOS 5.2 and its rock solid, even got it working on Hyper-V http://forums.technet.microsoft.com/en-US/winserverhyperv/thread/4d66099a-9b17-4997-a3a3-1591239dc05d/
To be honest i did have major issues building Mono from source on CentOS and had to resort to RPMs supplied by Novell, therefore i feel SuSE may be better in this regard.
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