[Mono-list] what linux flavour to use with mono

Jerry Houston jerry at effjayare.net
Sun Sep 7 16:30:27 EDT 2008

Alexandros Ilatzis wrote:
> Hi ,
> can anybody help? I don't know if this is the right place for this question?
> I want to play with mono. What linux os implementation should i use. 
> What are your suggestions?
> I don't know about linux i have small experience in windows forms and c# and
> i want to use it for cross platform winform applications. I also want to set
> a database and a web server  with it.
> I am waiting your suggestions.

This is the kind of question that will generate (at least) 15 different 

I use openSuSE Linux, and found it encouraging that SuSE is the only 
Linux supported by Server 2008 Hyper-V virtualization.  Not the only 
Linux that will work with it, of course, but the only one officially 
SUPPORTED by Microsoft.

For someone who makes a good living as a .NET developer, that argues in 
favor of SuSE Linux for experimenting with mono, IMHO.

Others, who have personally adopted Red Hat, or Ubuntu, will of course, 

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