[Mono-list] SPAM-LOW: Re: NUnit Version - Upgrade soon?

Charlie Poole charlie at nunit.com
Sat Nov 29 16:07:45 EST 2008

Hi Andreas, 

> Am 28.11.2008 um 19:26 schrieb Charlie Poole:
> > One approach is to use command scripts like nunit-x.x for 
> each version 
> > of NUnit installed, with a master script that points to the latest. 
> > That's how I do it on my own (Windows) systems.
> >
> > For Linux, I think it would be preferable for the nunit script to 
> > reference a conf file. The last installed nunit package 
> could update 
> > the current version and subordinate scripts might not even be 
> > necessary.
> A more natural way on Linux would be a symlink from 
> nunit-console to nunit-console-2.5, rather than a config file.

Ah! Thanks.

> And to summarise your response, it's only about the command(s), i.e.  
> nunit-console and nunit-console2? Or is there also an issue 
> with the NUnit library assemblies installed by Mono?
> You should probably file a ticket on Bugzilla, detailling 
> what Mono shouldn't install and post a link here for reference.

I think that's it. Originally, I was dubious about the whole issue
of bundling NUnit with Mono. But even though it doesn't make a lot
of sense to me, it really doesn't cause a problem so long as
it's the same as the corresponding upstream version and is 
more or less "hidden" under /usr/lib/mono.

I'll put something in Bugilla about this now that we've
aired the issue a bit.

> What packages Linux distributions actually make of it 
> (whether/how they package and ship Mono's private NUnit) 
> would probably be better aired as a request on the new 
> mono-packagers-list.

Hmmm... I'll look at that list. But oddly, part of my 
concern here is that the Mono distribution alone is acting
as sort of packager for NUnit. One of the things that has
really attracted me to Linux is the distinction between
upstream developers and packagers. In a way, by packaging
NUnit with Mono, the Mono guys are acting more like what
I've seen in the Windows world. ;-)


> Andreas

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