[Mono-list] SPAM-LOW: Re: NUnit Version - Upgrade soon?

Andreas Färber andreas.faerber at web.de
Sat Nov 29 04:37:10 EST 2008


Am 28.11.2008 um 19:26 schrieb Charlie Poole:

> One approach is to use command scripts like nunit-x.x
> for each version of NUnit installed, with a master
> script that points to the latest. That's how I do it
> on my own (Windows) systems.
> For Linux, I think it would be preferable for the
> nunit script to reference a conf file. The last
> installed nunit package could update the current
> version and subordinate scripts might not even
> be necessary.

A more natural way on Linux would be a symlink from nunit-console to  
nunit-console-2.5, rather than a config file.

And to summarise your response, it's only about the command(s), i.e.  
nunit-console and nunit-console2? Or is there also an issue with the  
NUnit library assemblies installed by Mono?
You should probably file a ticket on Bugzilla, detailling what Mono  
shouldn't install and post a link here for reference.

What packages Linux distributions actually make of it (whether/how  
they package and ship Mono's private NUnit) would probably be better  
aired as a request on the new mono-packagers-list.


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