[Mono-list] Generic Linux installer for Mono 2.1 still missing (or just the files)

Paul paul at all-the-johnsons.co.uk
Sun Nov 16 17:19:14 EST 2008


> The generic linux installer has been discontinued.  It cannot correctly
> predict where to put things on all version of linux, so people end up
> with broken Mono installs.

Why make it predict anything? From my experience, packages are either
put into /usr/local, /usr or /opt - why not just have a radio button on
the installer?

As for where to put things, you only really need to know if you're using
Fedora or not for this (I don't know if any other distro puts things
in /usr/lib64 for 64 bit versions of mono). Assuming you're not using
Fedora/Redhat, then it will be /opt/mono... or /usr/lib/mono...
or /usr/local/lib/mono...

Okay, this is very simplistic and probably is missing a pile of things
(I've never used the Mono generic installer), but from what I can see,
it should do the job.

YAMV ;-)


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