[Mono-list] Generic Linux installer for Mono 2.1 still missing (or just the files)

Jonathan Pobst monkey at jpobst.com
Sun Nov 16 11:18:59 EST 2008

The generic linux installer has been discontinued.  It cannot correctly
predict where to put things on all version of linux, so people end up
with broken Mono installs.

Some more details are available in this post:

You could grab the .rpm for opensuse and extract the files from it if 
you just want the binaries.


atesti wrote:
> Hi!
> I'm quite frustrated: I use Debian (not the supported Suse or Redhat or
> Windows stuff) and don't want debian packaged Mono either. I want the most
> recent official version.
> I used to grab the generic installer from 
> http://www.mono-project.com/Other_Downloads
> but it is still 1.9.1_2
> Why has it not been updated?
> I usually install it to /opt, tell it to leave my environment alone and then
> strip it manually down to 10mb which I need for my purpose.
> I would really like to get hold of the official binaries (I don't want to
> compile it myself, that might introduce bugs from my libarries or other
> problems). 
> I don't actually need the installer btw. Just a tgz file of the binary raw
> contents would be great.
> If I go to the mono homepage and try to download something for Suse or
> redhat, that leads me nowhere! I just get told to use the buildin update
> managers, etc. BAH! No possibility of downloading one large RPM and just
> extracing it and using the good fine binaries directly. (for the windows
> version (one big isntaller) that woudl be easy)
> And how would I be sure that I really get the most recent official 2.1
> release that way???
> I'm pretty frustrated with the way the mono system "supports" the distros. I
> mean it's great that mono gets good integration into distros, but I would
> certainly prefer MUCH LESS integration.
> Can anyone trigger the person who builds the generic Linux updater?
> Why did it stop to be updated?

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