[Mono-list] Threading and IO problem

Engler, Eric Eric.Engler at zcsterling.com
Thu Mar 6 16:43:14 EST 2008

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>I've made a small program to use all processors on a system to analyze 
>N text files. But when it's run on a 8 CPU PC, the CPU time stays
>70%-80% and the idle time between 20-30%.

Your problem is that you need to ensure your threads get launched, and
run, on each available processor. As you may have guessed, your best
processor utilization will occur with 8 threads in execution on an 8-way

In version 2.0 of the .NET Framework MS developed an elegant solution
for this. Instead of creating your own threads, you can call
ThreadPool.QueueUserWorkItem and pass it a delegate to a static
function. This will take complete responsibility for allocating threads
from the thread pool, and getting them executed on separate processors.
Your overall CPU utilization will shoot up to 100.

I don't know if this is implemented in Mono.

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