[Mono-list] SslStream

Peter Bradley p.bradley at dsl.pipex.com
Tue Jun 17 14:40:56 EDT 2008

Ysgrifennodd Sebastien Pouliot:
> Hello Peter,
Hi, Sebastien

> I'll review the page to update the status for the upcoming Mono 2.0 - a
> lot of things have improved since 1.1.x ;-)

I'm sure they have.  I like mono.  I think it has a way to go, but the 
achievements so far are impressive (and they got me an MSc, to I owe a 
debt of gratitude)

> That's the Microsoft version of the .NET framework - which is not
> identical to Mono versioning (lots of MS FX 2.0 stuff was functional in
> Mono 1.2.x).
Oh right.  I see.  Proves the point, really, about how easily I get 
confused.  If you can write docs that I can understand, you've probably 
sorted 100% of the likely user population.

> You did not (sounds too negative) and it should* work with Mono 1.9.1 or
> later (to which you can update using openSUSE build service).
> * should == will if you read the security FAQ ;-)

And I will do that, when I get time Sebastien.  As I said, it's not a 
priority with me right now as the application isn't fully functional yet 
(although I have succeeded in successfully negotiating a login (on 
Windows) this evening, so I met today's milestone).

>> Many thanks for the reply.  I don't think you need to review the docs.  
>> It's probably me that needs to get my grey cells serviced.  They're long 
>> overdue.
> So are mines ;-)


Thanks for all your help, Sebastien.  When I've done my homework, I'll 
get back to the forum if I still can't make it work.  I have actually 
just posted that upgrading to 1.9.1 didn't solve the problem (although 
it changed it).  I suspect that reading the FAQ would help me out with 
that, so at the first sign of frustration, I'll leave off posting until 
I've read the docs.



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