[Mono-list] Help for porting: VC# 2008 express binaries crashing when run by mono

herenvardo herenvardo at gmail.com
Thu Jun 5 20:22:59 EDT 2008

Jonathan Pobst wrote:
> It sounds like a bug in TableLayoutSettingsTypeConverter.ParseRowStyle.
>   If you can get the data sent to the parameter xmlDoc that crashes, we
> can get a fix for it.
That's easier said than done: the Visual Studio's debugger obviously won't
allow me to step into the .NET's own code; and the Mono debugger... after
more than three hours to find it, get it, and trying to getting it working
with no success, I've finally given up.
I've also tried to put all the System.Windows.Forms files from Mono's source
inside the project, and remove the reference to .NET's own
System.Windows.Forms namespace, hoping to be able to step into that code,
but the Studio's compiler didn't swallow it.
If there is anything else I can try to retrieve this value; or if the Mono
debugger can be run on windows without being a makefile-expert (one of the
reasons I work on Visual is that I really love being able to compile
everything with just hitting F6 ^^), I'm open to suggestions.

Jonathan Pobst wrote:
> You may also be able to find the information in the .Designer file for
> your form.  Whatever is in the InitializeComponents part for your
> TableLayoutPanel.
I'm quite familiar with the designer files (I could perfectly build them up
from scratch, only that having the designer that can do it for me, why would
I bother?), but it didn't reveal anything useful. The code in there simply
does what you'd expect it to: initializes the components (creates each
control, sets its properties, and then initializes and adds each children
control). The nesting of containers might be a bit messy for that designer,
but there is no hint about where the error comes from.

Jonathan Pobst wrote:
> Also, to get the error on Windows, you need to run "mono myApp.exe 2> 
> error.log" to redirect the error output to a file.
Well, I actually used "mono myApp.exe>error.log 2<&1", since I didn't know
if some output would be going through stdout (better safe than sorry). This
reminds me that I forgot to attach the actual log file in my previous post,
so here it goes:  http://www.nabble.com/file/p17682293/monocrash.log
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