[Mono-list] Help for porting: VC# 2008 express binaries crashing when run by mono

Jonathan Pobst monkey at jpobst.com
Thu Jun 5 10:59:10 EDT 2008

It sounds like a bug in TableLayoutSettingsTypeConverter.ParseRowStyle.
  If you can get the data sent to the parameter xmlDoc that crashes, we
can get a fix for it.

You may also be able to find the information in the .Designer file for
your form.  Whatever is in the InitializeComponents part for your

Also, to get the error on Windows, you need to run "mono myApp.exe 2> 
error.log" to redirect the error output to a file.


herenvardo wrote:
> Sebastien Pouliot-2 wrote:
>> Could you be more specific ? e.g. does it just "freeze" there without
>> showing anything or do you get the command prompt back ? is an empty
>> window visible ? or a new process ?
> I tried to run the program on mono and get back to the command prompt within
> 1-2 seconds. The program is a WinForms application and is supposed to
> display a form when run. The form never appears when running from Mono, nor
> any kind of error message.
> UPDATE: After learning a bit more about mono's command line options, I tried
> running the program with --debug. I'm attaching the whole trace as a txt
> file for the case it might be useful, but as a summary:
> System.Reflection.TargetInvocationException (with
> System.IndexOutOfRangeException as the inner exception) thrown by
> System.Windows.Forms.Layout.TableLayoutSettingsTypeConverter.ParseRowStyle(
> System.Xml.XmlDocument, System.Windows.Forms.TableLayoutSettings). Digging
> to the base of the trace, I can identify the first calls after the ones
> within my own code to be the designer-generated code for locacalization.
> I've tried to localize a variation of the Hello World program to see if it
> crashes, but it ran properly (actually, .NET erronously took my local
> language as Spanish, while Mono properly detected it as Catalan). I'll try
> to investigate further that trace; but being unable to reproduce the problem
> upon .NET and hence upon the Visual Studio debugger (the environment I'm
> used to debug under), doesn't help too much.
> Sebastien Pouliot-2 wrote:
>>> I have tried a few helloworld-like programs, to make sure that mono was
>>> working properly, and they ran fine.
>> And they all should show the same exception creation when starting.
> I didn't use the -v with them originally, because they were working fine;
> but after reading your reply I checked it and indeed they create the
> exceptions as well. My mistake was to assume that these messages were a
> trace: I knew my program was crashing, so there had to be a trace somewhere,
> and it looked like a trace so I just assumed what seemed to be obvious
> (despite being actually wrong). Now that I've found the real trace for my
> program's crash, things make a bit more sense.
> Sebastien Pouliot-2 wrote:
>> Start by providing some basic info, like are you using Mono on Windows,
>> Linux, other OS ? which distro/version (OS) and package/version for
>> Mono ...
> I'm working upon Windows XP Home Service Pack 3 (the machine is an Acer
> laptop powered by an AMD Turion 64 2GHz cpu with 1536Mb of RAM, if this info
> helps). The version of Mono is 1.9.1. for Windows (the package listed as
> "Mono for Windows, Gtk#, and XSP" in the Mono Downloads page).
> The project itself, as of currently, is made of a few assemblies:
> towo.dll (doesn't depend on other parts of the project): this is the "core"
> of the project: it defines a few hundreds types and some thousands of
> methods to be used by the rest of components.
> towoedit.dll (depends only on towo.dll): defines several UserControl
> derivates providing "editor" UI components for some of the types defined
> within towo.dll. There are also a couple of multi-purpose forms.
> SpellEditorDemo.exe (depends directly on towoedit.dll and indirectly on
> towo.dll): An extremely simple WinForms application that simply wraps one of
> the components defined in towoedit.dll to enable testing and trying it.
> In addition, there are some satelite resource assemblies for each of the
> main assemblies, with the translations of texts into Catalan and Spanish
> (the main assemblies default to English).
> All the assemblies have been generated with Microsoft Visual C# 2008 Express
> Edition; and the projects target the version 3.5 version of the .NET
> Framework (currently, the only feature used that wouldn't be available on
> 2.0 are extension methods; with the possibility of using LINQ to XML already
> in mind).
> I want to insist on that MoMA only reported a few TODOs about the Undo and
> AutoComplete functionalities of some WinForms controls (while these features
> are indeed useful, they are not critical for the project).
> I don't know if there is anything else I should mention about the project
> and the environment; in that case simply ask.
> Thanks again for the time and effort dedicated to helping me in solving this
> issue. I'll keep trying to figure things out and find answers by myself, and
> update this thread if I come up with something relevant (even when taking
> blind shots, one might be lucky enough to eventually hit the target, so it's
> worth a try).

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