[Mono-list] mono, linux, and iis integrated authentitcation

Vasili Sviridov vsviridov at exceede.com
Mon Jan 7 18:17:36 EST 2008

Hello J.P.

Integrated authentication might expect to see the DOMAIN\ as part of the 
username. like "DOMAIN\username" instead of just "username".


J.P. Trosclair wrote:
> Hi,
> I've run into a small problem dealing with http authentication, wsdl and
> mono. We have an IIS server that hosts all of our web services. The virtual
> directory for the web services is protected with windows integrated
> authentication. I first noticed that there was a problem when attempting to
> use wsdl to generate a proxy class for an existing tried and tested web
> service. Here is the exact command (mostly) that I used:
> wsdl -u:foo -p:bar -n:MyWebService -o:MyWebService.cs
> http://foobar.net/MyWebService.asmx?wsdl
> No matter which combination of username and password I specified (all valid
> accounts) I received a 401 unauthorized error. I eventually gave up on this,
> connected with firefox and downloaded the wsdl manually and used the wsdl
> command to generate the proxy based on that file instead.
> After this I attempted to write code to utilize this web service and ran
> into the same authentication problems. In visual studio 2005 before I made a
> web service call I would set the credentials, for example:
> MyWebService myWs = new MyWebService();
> myWs.Credentials = System.Net.CredentialCache.DefaultCredentials;
> This worked fine in visual studio 2005 but not with mono. In mono I also
> tried:
> NetworkCredential nc = new NetworkCredential();
> nc.UserName = "foo";
> nc.PassWord = "bar";
> myWs.Credentials = nc;
> No go with this method either. At this point I am confused on how to
> authenticate with our IIS server to access these web services using mono. If
> anyone has any information they can provide on what I'm doing wrong or where
> I'm misunderstanding mono and http authentication against an IIS server
> using windows integrated auth I would greatly appreciate it.
> I'm developing on linux with mono 1.2.6 and gmcs
> TIA,
> J.P.
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