[Mono-list] mono, linux, and iis integrated authentitcation

J.P. Trosclair jptrosclair at judelawfirm.com
Mon Jan 7 18:03:12 EST 2008


I've run into a small problem dealing with http authentication, wsdl and
mono. We have an IIS server that hosts all of our web services. The virtual
directory for the web services is protected with windows integrated
authentication. I first noticed that there was a problem when attempting to
use wsdl to generate a proxy class for an existing tried and tested web
service. Here is the exact command (mostly) that I used:

wsdl -u:foo -p:bar -n:MyWebService -o:MyWebService.cs

No matter which combination of username and password I specified (all valid
accounts) I received a 401 unauthorized error. I eventually gave up on this,
connected with firefox and downloaded the wsdl manually and used the wsdl
command to generate the proxy based on that file instead.

After this I attempted to write code to utilize this web service and ran
into the same authentication problems. In visual studio 2005 before I made a
web service call I would set the credentials, for example:

MyWebService myWs = new MyWebService();
myWs.Credentials = System.Net.CredentialCache.DefaultCredentials;

This worked fine in visual studio 2005 but not with mono. In mono I also

NetworkCredential nc = new NetworkCredential();
nc.UserName = "foo";
nc.PassWord = "bar";

myWs.Credentials = nc;

No go with this method either. At this point I am confused on how to
authenticate with our IIS server to access these web services using mono. If
anyone has any information they can provide on what I'm doing wrong or where
I'm misunderstanding mono and http authentication against an IIS server
using windows integrated auth I would greatly appreciate it.

I'm developing on linux with mono 1.2.6 and gmcs


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