[Mono-list] NET S3 client

Miguel de Icaza miguel at novell.com
Sat Jan 5 02:05:57 EST 2008


> Is there an established place for third party Mono libs?
> I remember there once was a debate about that, but AFAIR it never came 
> to a conclusion (but maybe I missed something).

Our recommendation is that new libraries are hosted independently;
They can be hosted in our SVN repository, or in code.google.com.   The
main advantage of our server is that others can update/modify it at

We used to bundle libraries with Mono, but due to Mono's own release
schedule, its API guarantees (see "Application Deployment Guidelines" in
the web site) it is very cumbersome for the developer and for ourselves
so we tend to recommend this distributed approach.

Once the library is ready to ship (tarball, distcheck) we would
certainly like to create ready-to-install packages and distribute those
as part of Mono (see OpenSUSE build service).


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