[Mono-list] SharpOS 0.0.1 Release

Gavin Landon Gavin.Landon at ignitetech.com
Thu Jan 3 14:08:06 EST 2008

Yes indeed, I'm excited to see JIT part of the kernel.  Careful, MS will
steal that idea. lol   There has been some serious discussions around
here on how your building an OS with 100% C#.  Your own compiler to
translate C# to asm is the best guess.

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Congratulations on the release!

On 1/2/08, William Lahti <xfurious at gmail.com> wrote:
> PS: I've had a lot of trouble posting to the list because Postfix says

> the dates on the email are in the future??

Yes, slight problem with the server, all fixed now.

andreia gaita
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