[Mono-list] About Mono installation in CentOS

Roilan Cardoso Sánchez neptuno_000 at yahoo.es
Wed Feb 27 13:07:52 EST 2008

Well I try to install libexif-0.5 it throw an error said that sombe apps 
(gphoto, gthumb, gimp, nautilus, eog, and gnome-scrrnsaver) need the actual 

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> Hi!
> I've had an analogous problem with FC4 install.
> I use mono RHEL4 rpms
> I used www.rpmfind.net to find the old libexif and libungif.
> After installing these, everything went more or less smoothly.
> Cheers,
> Michał Ziemski
> Roilan Cardoso Sánchez pisze:
>> Hello everybody
>> I'm trying to install Mono on my CentOS 5 but i coudn't
>> Firstly i try using mono.repo for centos, but when it try to install 
>> libgdiplus it throw an dependency error, coudn't find libexif.so.9 and 
>> libungif.so.4
>> Then i try with the .bin istalator and the throw the same error but with 
>> libgailutil.so.17 and liblitz.so.1
>> I try too, with the CentOS Extras reporsitory and the same but with 
>> lifgif.so.4
>> Finally I reinstall my system and from 0 y try with the CentOS GUI 
>> installer in extras Mono, it works, but when i try to run an application 
>> (GUI app) mono thow error coudn't find gdiplus.dll
>> I really don't know what to do, please can any budy help me
>>  regards
>> Roilan
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