[Mono-list] RT Os and Mono

Lorenzo Viola info at eulogika.net
Fri Feb 15 13:08:16 EST 2008

Martin Olsson ha scritto:
> I have no experience of that stuff but in general; any allocation can 
> trigger full GC and it's fairly hard to predict how long a full GC 
> could take. Allocations is not just caused by "new" etc but also by 
> implicit boxing etc. The latest version of the CLR has a latency mode 
> for the GC but at any rate, writing actual hard limit real-time apps 
> with mono is not a good idea.
Hello Martin

I admit that I'm quite a newbie about real time, so I've asked this 
question =)

I see that you point out the GC , are you speaking about Garbage 
Collection ?
It was the same first problem I was thinking about =P

I saw that for example on Mono+ASP.NET the GC could be quite intensive,
and not forceable (at last on some month ago version)

btw , what do you mean for implicit boxing ? is it a sort of unwanted 
recursion ?

But IF I work by these terms :

- if the CPU and memory are fast and big enough (like being 10 times the
ususally needed cpu and memory by the application)

- if the GC could be forced to start at secure-time-known idle times

- if the application has been tested and kept as simple as possible not
to start any unhandled exception , or unpredictable situation

Would you still not trust such a RT application ?

What also could go wrong ?

Many Thanks !

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