[Mono-list] RT Os and Mono

Martin Olsson mnemo at minimum.se
Fri Feb 15 21:19:09 EST 2008

I have no experience of that stuff but in general; any allocation can 
trigger full GC and it's fairly hard to predict how long a full GC could 
take. Allocations is not just caused by "new" etc but also by implicit 
boxing etc. The latest version of the CLR has a latency mode for the GC 
but at any rate, writing actual hard limit real-time apps with mono is 
not a good idea.


Lorenzo Viola wrote:
> Hello to everybody
> I'd like to know if anyone had some experience on Mono
> and Linux RealTime.
> I see that there are some commercial and opensource
> distribution, is it possible to get a Mono framework on such
> an OS ? or it could be in some way too difficult, for the RT
> philosophy ?
> I mean, if the framework is "preloaded" in some way, the
> OS and the Cpu should handle correctly the consequent
> applications launched.
> Any idea of a known working combo of Mono and RTOS ?
> Best Regards!
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